Past Events & Testimonials

Past Events



  22 April 2010                                                                 NAPF London
The World Economy

21 April 2010                                                                    Private Equity Forum 2010
Assessing the economic state of play driving tomorrow’s corporate investment markets

13 April 2010                                                                      CISI Cambridge
Cycles and Stimulus

26 March 2010                                                                    National Asset Liability Management
Debate about the World Economy

18 March 2010                                                                    Legal Week Law Firm’s Forum
Current State of the European Economy

16 March 2010                                                                    Tradewinds Charting the Course Seminar
The Outlook for the Global Economy and the Asset Markets

9 March 2010                                                                       The Adam Smith Institute
Why we should never have bailed out the Bankers

3 March 2010                                                                        Bestinvest
The Outlook for the World Economy

25 February 2010                                                               Isle of Man
What Now?

24 February 2010                                                               CISI Bournemouth
Cycles and Stimulus

5 February 2010                                                                   Warwick University Investment Forum
Outlook for the UK Economy and London as a Financial Centre

1 December 2009                                                                  MPR Global
An Overview

12-14 November 2009                                                        Legal Week Private Client Forum - Italy
Client expectations – the UK as a financial centre.

16/17 November 2009                                                         Buckles – Meet the Managers
Will the Stockmarkets Rally?

14 November 2009                                                                  Bestinvest dinner
World Stockmarkets

3 November 2009                                                                   COA Solutions at Lords
Business savings and efficiency

14 October 2009                                                                      Bestinvest dinner
World Stockmarkets

13 October 2009                                                                       Birmingham Cellar Club dinner
Stockmarkets and Economies

22/23 September 2009                                                         Family Office Leadership Summit
Re-evaluating risk

22 September 2009                                                              London Pensions Fund Authority

15 September 2009                                                                SII Birmingham
Does the Recovery have Legs?

2 September 2009                                                                  Isle of Man Yacht Forum
Does the Rally in Stock Markets imply a Revival in Economies?

19 June 2009                                                                          Hedge Fund Review, Incisive Media
How to spot and avoid the next Madoff – due diligence rises up the agenda

16 June 2009                                                                         Jewish Care Pension Scheme
Investment Strategy & the Current Economic Climate

11 June 2009                                                                        Citywire Wealth Manager
Economics & Strategy

3 June 2009                                                                           Employee Benefits Summit - Monte Carlo
The Economic Downturn and the Impact on Salary and Reward

26 May 2009                                                                         PYSS Seminar - London
The Economy

21 May 2009                                                                          PYSS Seminar - Leeds
The Economy

20 May 2009                                                                         The Securities & Investment Institute
Have we hit rock bottom yet?

20 May 2009                                                                           PYSS Seminar - Manchester
The Economy

19 May 2009                                                                            The Insurance Insider – London 100 Event
A forum for the leading companies of the London market.

19 May 2009                                                                            PYSS Seminar - Birmingham
The Economy

6 May 2009                                                                              Bourne Business Consulting
Finance & Tax

22 March 2009                                                                       Securities & Investment Institute
Has the worst past or is there more turmoil instore?

18 March 2009                                                                        Isle of Man Conference
Lessons from the Banking Crisis

9 March 2009                                                                           Plaza Publishing Charity Forum 2009
The post-crunch landscape: A medium to long term view of the economy

16 February 2009                                                                    Yorkshire Investment Club
The Economy and the Way Forward

29 January 2009                                                                      Securities & Investment Institute
After the fall: Where next for the Global Economy?


Three hours of Roger Nightingale? I can’t think of a better way to close out the new year! An economist who actually talks in a way that people can understand! Thanks for all that you do at CNBC Europe and Happy New Year!
He is 100% right just like he is on most things.  His comments on the banks and bankers require his testimony before the US Congress.


At last when you appear on the TV/CNBC we have a guest who tells it as it is, rather than the conflicts of interests of others.

I met him at a conference I attended at which Roger spoke.  I work for an American firm where we always have highly polished speakers but Roger stands out from the crowd as he is highly entertaining and challenging - consequently, he is an excellent speaker to compliment any event.



Look forward to hearing your wise sermons again shortly, and keep
being controversial.



It was a pleasure to watch the session and to see the audience truly engaged in the discussion. I hope you likewise enjoyed taking part. We had a lot of good feedback and many commented on how much they enjoyed having you take part in particular.

Euromoney Conference Organisers  -  2 December 2008.



I thought I would ping you a quick email to thank you for excellent performances in Jersey.  The feedback was superb…. one attendee even described it as “amazing”!   I was so wrapped up in it I forgot to go to my baby scan!

Corazon  Jersey Conference  -  26 November 2008.



You captivated the audience on Friday. Your talk was a perfect ending to the speaker session, thank you.  The feedback from journalists was very positive indeed.

Fiscal Reps Seminar  -  26 November 2008.



I thought I would take this opportunity to congratulate you once again on your wonderful speech yesterday, it was a pleasure to listen to your insightful and bold views. You made sense of the whole economy in its current guise …….. I congratulate once again on this insight, and my colleagues were suitably impressed also once the decision was made today.

SII Seminar Liverpool  -  6 November 2008



I just wanted to thank you once again for giving up your time to us yesterday. I’ve had lots of very positive feedback from our members!  Positive surprise on the rate decision. You were spot on with 1.5%!

SII Seminar Liverpool  - 6 November 2008



Your talk was rated 9.14 out of a possible 10. Congratulations!

Looks like you’ll have to come back for a follow up!

Economic Outlook in KL Malaysia  -  26 October 2008



One week on we are still receiving extremely positive feedback regarding the event and although I know that MIMA have thanked you personally for your contribution I should like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and assistance in the preparations for the conference.

MIMA Conference  -  17 October 2008





Euro is ‘Ludicrously’ High

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Gilts Could Fall on UK Election

“There could be quite a sharp selloff in the Gilt market as the UK general election gets underway."
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