Forthcoming Events

Roger is a leading speaker at conferences and seminars for institutional traders, fund managers, actuaries, pensions providers and hedge funds. He is invited to speak on a number of topics, including economics, monetary policy, pensions, employee benefits and asset allocation.


11 May 2010                                             Infonic London


12 May 2010                                             University of Oxford Society

 Economics, Markets, Currencies : What’s in store for the coming year

26 May 2010                                             Risk Europe

 Language Truth and Logic

11  June 2010                                          Family Office Investment Summit

The Election – Before and After

11 June 2010                                            Anglo-Swiss Chamber of Commerce‏ – Geneva

 Economics and Cycles

23 June 2010                                            Senate Monte Carlo


23/24 June 2010                                      European Private Wealth Management  - Amsterdam       

The Current Economic Situation and how it’s Affecting Investments/Financial Sector

29 June 2010                                           Marketing Week Trends Show

Global Economic Trends: Is turbulence the new normality? Has the world changed for ever?

1 July 2010                                               CISI FCSI Masterclass

Economics, etc


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Euro is ‘Ludicrously’ High

The euro is “ludicrously” high for many of the struggling European countries such as Greece, but it is even too high for Germany, which is a competitive country.
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Gilts Could Fall on UK Election

“There could be quite a sharp selloff in the Gilt market as the UK general election gets underway."
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