TV Appearances 2009

CNBC Television

31st December 2009

Trade Dispute Brewing for US & China?

Beijing hit back at Washington’s decision to impose duties on Chinese-made steel pipes Thursday, sparking fears of a larger trade dispute. Roger Nightingale considers the outlook for protectionist measures.

CNBC Television

14 December 2009

Bid Interest grows for Cadbury

Cadbury claims to have received interest from other potential bidders as it rebuffed a $16.5 billion bid from Kraft Foods Monday. Roger Nightingale, Jenny Wiggins from the FT and Joshua Raymond from City Index discuss the outlook for the chocolate maker.

CNBC Television

10 December 2009

European Deficits Getting Risky

Standard & Poor’s downgraded its outlook on Spain to negative and warned that further action could be taken, while Fitch cut its rating for Greece on its worrying deficit. “Domestic support for the bond market in Spain is pretty strong,” Andre De Silva from HSBC said on the country’s debt auction. Roger Nightingale joined the discussion.

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CNBC Television

4 December 2009

Euro Stocks Boosted by US Jobs Data

European stocks ended higher Friday after better-than-expected US jobs data boosted market sentiment. Roger Nightingale,  John Huizinga from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Stephen Gallo from Schneider Foreign Exchange discuss.

CNBC Television

26 November 2009

Differences Between US & German Labour Markets

Assessing the differences between the U.S. and German labour markets, with Roger Nightingale, speaking with CNBC’s Rebecca Meehan & Chloe Cho.

CNBC Television

24 November 2009

BoE Should be Bank Regulator Strategist

“I think the FSA has done a really rather bad job over the years,” Roger Nightingale told CNBC Monday.  The Bank of England should be the main regulators of the banking industry.

CNBC Television

18 November 2009

Brown’s Political Plans are ‘Unrealistic’

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is using the Queen’s Speech to get a “free party political broadcast” and much of its content is “unrealistic,” Roger Nightingale told CNBC today.

CNBC Television

9 November 2009

‘Perfect Recipe for Equity Market’

“The markets are going up,” Roger Nightingale said Monday. An “easy money policy” due to “weak economics;” “very low pay settlements;” and “very big increases in (corporate) profit margins” have created a “perfect recipe for equity markets,” he said. Big beta stocks will be the ones to benefit from this scenario, Nightingale added.

CNBC Television

2 November 2009

BoE Unlikely to Expand QE Programme

The Bank of England “probably won’t expand” its quantitative easing program when it meets this week, Roger Nightingale said today. “It’s very high indeed at the moment and there’s the beginning of a reaction against quantitative easing.”

CNBC Television

28 October 2009

Eurozone Economy is Far from Recovery: Analyst

The eurozone economy is far from recovery and is possibly going down again, warns Roger Nightingale, economist. He speaks with CNBC’s Rebecca Meehan & Chloe Cho.

CNBC Television

26 October 2009

German Govt Plans Tax Cuts

The new German government is planning big tax cuts, but has come under criticism for not detailing how they will be financed. Roger Nightingale considered the outlook for Germany.

CNBC Television

23 October 2009

UK Postal Strike goes Ahead

The UK’s postal service, Royal Mail, is going ahead with its strike, unions said Thursday. “The postal union is committing suicide,” Roger Nightingale said. “They’re doing to the postal service what (Arthur) Scargill did to the colliers sector 30 years or so ago.”

CNBC Television

15 October 2009

Goldman Beats Revenue Estimates

Goldman Sachs posted better-than-expected quarterly revenue figures Thursday. Roger Nightingale  considers the outlook for the banking sector.

CNBC Television

28 September 2009

European Stocks Jump Higher

European stocks pushed higher Monday with M&A activity helping to boost investor sentiment. Roger Nightingale considers the investment outlook.

CNBC Television

17 September 2009

Wage-Earners Feel the Pinch

Wage earners in the UK will continue to feel the squeeze well into next year as companies look to increase their margins, Roger Nightingale said.

CNBC Television

10 September 2009

BoE should get out more

The problem with the Bank of England is they don’t get out there and talk to outside people, Roger Nightingale told CNBC Thursday. “When they had lunch they just had their own people and they had water,” he said.

CNBC Television

31 August 2009

Short-Term Relief Rally for Japan?

There might be a short-term relief rally for Tokyo stocks after the DPJ Party won Japan’s elections over the weekend, Roger Nightingale said Monday.  He told CNBC the Japanese index could retry its 1989 record of 38,957 if the party withstands 10 terms.

CNBC Television

26 August 2009

Is the Recovery already here?

Investors are divided on whether the economy is facing another slump and whether stocks can continue higher. James Caan, CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw Private Equity, and Roger Nightingale discuss the outlook.

CNBC Television

24 August 2009

Need a Weak Economy for Stock Rally to Go On

We need a weak economy for stocks to continue to rally, Roger Nightingale said. “It’s with the weak economy that you get easy money and low interest rates, and it’s with – in this situation – a relatively weak economy that you get satisfactorily strong profits.” As a result, he sees the FTSE 100 index hitting 5,000 before the end of the year.

CNBC Television

18 August 2009

UK Inflation will go negative

Inflation in the UK will slip into negative territory by the end of the year, despite remaining static at 1.8% in July.

CNBC Television

14 August 2009

We Are in a Semi-Depression

The surprise rise in German and French GDP doesn’t mean the world recession is over, and central banks are likely to make mistakes that would bring about a second recession.

CNBC Television

11 August 2009

Should We Be Concerned About Deflation?

A slew of bad data cast a cloud over the German economy after consumer prices fell for the first time in over 20 years and wholesale prices plunged to a record 10% year-on-year. Roger Nightingale considers whether deflation will be a problem for the European economy.

CNBC Television

6 August 2009

BoE Holds Rates, Ups Quantitative Easing

The Bank of England held its key interest rate unchanged at 0.5% Thursday and said it was increasing its quantitative easing program to ÂŁ175 billion. Roger Nightingale and Jamie Dannhauser from Lombard Street Research discuss the decision.

CNBC Television

4 August 2009

Analysing Central Banks

Roger Nightingale, strategist tells CNBC’s Chloe Cho and Rebecca Meehan why central banks are good at predicting the past, but not the future.

CNBC Television

30 July 2009

Choose Equities over Gold

Roger Nightingale is looking to lighten his positions in gold as he sees the precious metal underperformins in the next 10 years. He tells CNBC’s Rebecca Meehan & Chloe Cho why he prefers equities to gold.

CNBC Television

27 July 2009

Stocks Have Perfect Recipe for Bull Run

Current economic conditions are the perfect recipe for a bull market and stocks are poised to rise much higher from here, Roger Nightingale told CNBC.

CNBC Television

24 July 2009

Earnings After the Credit Crunch

Twelve months on from the darkest period of the credit crunch and European earnings season is being watched closely as a test of companies’ resilience. Roger Nightingale and Arindam Nag from Dow Jones Newswires consider the season so far.

CNBC Television

23 July 2009

Beware the False Dawn

Even though sales are bad due to the weak global economy, earnings have been excellent. Roger Nightingale tells CNBC’s Rebecca Meehan & Amanda Drury that this is because wages are depressed.

CNBC Television

30 June 2009

White-Collar Crime Will Continue: Economist

What the government does to spur activity in the economy is sensible, but “the collateral affect is…a degree of criminality,” Roger Nightingale told CNBC, in light of Bernie Madoff receiving a 150-year prison sentence. “The regulation you put in place to stop (the criminality) simply doesn’t work,” he said.

CNBC Television

25 June 2009

Don’t Listen to Economists!

Don’t listen to the economists, quips Roger Nightingale, strategist.  He says corporates give a better gauge of the environment, and that they now say things are still weak.  He shares his outlook with CNBC’s Steve Sedgwick & Chloe Cho.

CNBC Television

24 June 2009

Euro Banks Receive Billions from ECB

The European Central Bank pumped its biggest-ever liquidity injection into European banks  on Wednesday. Roger Nightingale considers the impact of the move.

CNBC Television

19 June 2009

The Decoupling Debate - China and India

China and India are reporting that their economies are still strong, “I find that a little dubious,” Roger Nightingale told CNBC today.

CNBC Television

16 June 2009

Optimism for Recovery Overstated

After the ZEW index showed economic sentiment on the rise, Roger Nightingale told CNBC, “Most of the data that people are looking at and saying is good isn’t actually good – it’s just less bad than it was.” He said, “We shouldn’t be too optimistic at the moment.”

CNBC Television

9 June 2009

US will beat China into Recovery

“The idea that the Chinese economy is strong seems to me to be bizarre … by the way, it’s even worse in India,”

CNBC Television

1 June 2009

Automotive Sector in Trouble

“The motor industry is oversupplied at the moment … The old suppliers are in pretty desperate trouble and they don’t know how to handle it,”

CNBC Television

26 May 2009

Depression Likely as Stocks Bottom

“I’m expecting the world economy to be very, very dreary indeed, possibly going downhill for the next 3 or 6 months, and having a cyclical recovery after that,” Roger Nightingale said. “I don’t think we’re in recession… I think there’s a 75% chance we’re in depression.” He added that he thinks stocks have bottomed.

CNBC Television

14 May 2009

UK Retirement Funds in Jeopardy

The fact that British citizens are not investing in the market will negatively affect their money for retirement, Roger Nightingale told CNBC.

CNBC Television

14 May 2009

BT to Slash Jobs as Global Services Unit Drags

BT expected “rapid growth” in its global services business and deployed “enormous amounts of resources” in that area, Roger Nightingale said. “The growth hasn’t come through, so now you have to make a correction; you have to take out those costs.”

CNBC Television

4 May 2009

Will ’09 Be the Year of Recovery?

“What we’ve seen is possibly the beginnings of a cyclical upturn, possibly the beginnings of a secular change of trend. We’d like it to be the secular change of trend. We’d like it to be long lasting, but we don’t know whether it is or not,” Roger Nightingale told CNBC.

CNBC Television

30 April 2009

Unemployment and Real Interest Rates to Rise?

Unemployment is going to rise sharply over the next 6 months and real interest rates will also rise, Roger Nightingale told CNBC today. Both factors will impact consumers, he added.

CNBC Television

24 April 2009

Misconceptions About Corporate Earnings

Better-than-expected corporate earnings does not indicate that the economy is improving, warns Roger Nightingale. He explains why to CNBC.

CNBC Television

14 April 2009

Green Shoots Appearing in the Markets

There are glimmers of hope for investors, as the “market will rise strongly long before the economy does,” Roger Nightingale said today.  He voices his concerns that the economic outlook is going to be gloomy for a “considerable amount of time”  to CNBC.

CNBC Television

8 April 2009

Earnings Fears Drag on Stocks

Anxiety over corporate earnings has knocked stock markets over the past two trading sessions. Roger Nightingale considers the earnings outlook.

CNBC Television

6 April 2009

Watching US Earnings Season

Roger Nightingale expects to see some favourable margin numbers from the upcoming U.S. earnings season. He tells CNBC’s Rebecca Meehan & Maura Fogarty that if that is true, then this market rally has legs.

CNBC Television

31 March 2009

Euro Zone Inflation at All-Time Low

Euro zone inflation fell in March to its lowest level since records began in 1996. Roger Nightingale said that the European Central Bank should cut interest rates by 50 basis points on Thursday.

CNBC Television

27 March 2009

The “Naughty Chair”

“When children spill paint on the carpet, you take them out put them in the naughty chair and bring in someone that can clean up the mess, you don’t ask the children to clean up because they will make an even bigger mess. It is the same with government people, get them out,” Roger Nightingale told CNBC.

CNBC Television

20 March 2009

What Will Fed’s Efforts Do?

“The financial markets will be flooded with liquidity,” Roger Nightingale said on what the Fed’s quantitative easing will do. He is sceptical on whether the Fed’s efforts will reach the real economy.

CNBC Television

5 March 2009

Battling the Downturn

As the Bank of England and European Central Bank struggle to stem the economic downturn, Roger Nightingale discusses with CNBC.

CNBC Television

2 March 2009

East European Currency Slump Coming

Eastern European currencies need to fall by between 25% and 30% to provide the basis for a recovery.

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CNBC Television

2 March 2009

No Bottom Seen for Stocks and Credit Markets

If the global economy is falling at 6-11% per annum in real terms, then there really isn’t a bottom to either the corporate sector or the credit markets.

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CNBC Television

24 February 2009

The Progress so Far

Roger Nightingale reviews the progress so far as Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, pledges to lift the US out of recession.

CNBC Television

19 February 2009

Global Depression, Not Recession

“This is not a recession, it is a depression,” Roger Nightingale told CNBC.  He explains why the current economic crisis has gone beyond a mere recession.

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CNBC Television

10 February 2009

Banks Cry Wolf!

We can’t believe the bankers now after they said every quarter that this is the last of their writedowns, says Roger Nightingale, likening it to the little boy that cries wolf.  He talks to CNBC.

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Bloomberg Television

28 January 2009

Thus far I am moderately happy with the earnings season.

“Thus far I am moderately happy with the earnings season,” said Roger Nightingale. “We have seen declines in earnings, but declines have been less bad than analysts’ forecasts,”  he told Bloomberg Television.

Bloomberg US Television

19 January 2009

Roger Nightingale Calls U.K. Bank Rescue ‘Zero-Sum Game’

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CNBC Television

19 January 2009

UK Bank Bailout Will Fail

The UK’s latest bailout plan for the banking sector will fail as totally as the last, Roger Nightingale told CNBC Monday. “It seems to me that the tax payer is getting an extraordinarily bad deal,” he said.

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CNBC Television

13 January 2009

German Stimulus Has “No Net Benefit”

Germany’s newly approved stimulus package is “irrelevant” in rescuing its ailing domestic economy, says Roger Nightingale.  He offers his insights as to what needs to be done instead, with CNBC’s Rebecca Meehan & Chloe Cho.

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Bloomberg TV

12 January 2009

Nightingale Says Some Scottish Banks Should `Go Under’

Roger Nightingale, talks with Bloomberg’s Rishaad Salamat about the capital levels at U.K. banks.

U.K. banks, insurers and financial-services companies may cut as many as 15,000 jobs in the first quarter to reduce costs amid a decline in business confidence, the Confederation of British Industry said.

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CNBC Television

8 January, 2009

UK Interest Rates Cut to 1.5%

The Bank of England cut interest rates by 50 basis points to 1.5% Thursday, as widely expected. Roger Nightingale discusses the move.

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CNBC Television

2009: A Reasonable Year

2 January 2009

“2009 will be a much more reasonable year,” Karsten Schroeder, CEO of Amplitude Capital, said. “2009 could be a positive year for the markets as most of the corrections have taken place.” Roger Nightingale joins the discussion.
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US Economy to Recover First

2 January 2009

US ISM manufacturing data for December is due out Friday. Roger Nightingale from Pointon York sees the US economy being the first to recover and economic data from February onwards showing slight improvements.
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US Economy to Recover First

US ISM manufacturing data for December is due out Friday. Roger Nightingale from Pointon York sees the US economy being the first to recover and economic data from February onwards showing slight improvements.

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