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Roger is a leading speaker at conferences and seminars for institutional traders, fund managers, actuaries, pensions providers and hedge funds. He is invited to speak on a number of topics, including economics, monetary policy, pensions, employee benefits and asset allocation.



24 February 2010                                    CISI Bournemouth

Cycles and Stimulus



25 February 2010                                     Isle of Man

What Now?              



3 March 2010                                           Bestinvest

The Outlook for the World Economy



9 March 2010                                           The Adam Smith Institute

Why we should never have bailed out the Bankers



16 March 2010                                         Tradewinds Charting the Course Seminar

The Outlook for the Global Economy and the Asset Markets



18 March 2010                                         Legal Week Law Firm’s Forum

Current State of the European Economy



26 March 2010                                         National Asset Liability Management

Debate about the World Economy



13 April 2010                                            CISI Cambridge

Cycles and Stimulus



21 April  2010                                           Private Equity Forum 2010

Assessing the economic state of play driving tomorrow’s corporate investment markets


22 April 2010                                            NAPF London Region

The World Economy



11  June 2010                                          Family Office Investment Summit

The Election – Before and After


11 June 2010                                            Anglo-Swiss Chamber of Commerce‏ – Geneva

 Economics and Cycles



23/24 June 2010                                      European Private Wealth Management  - Amsterdam       

The Current Economic Situation and how it’s Affecting Investments/Financial Sector



29 June 2010                                           Marketing Week Trends Show

Global Economic Trends: Is turbulence the new normality? Has the world changed for ever?



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TV Appearances

See Roger on CNBC here. He discusses Greece's problem of being uncompetitive.