· A well known commentator on the global economy, Roger is a frequent guest on TV networks, such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox News and CNN. Additionally, he writes regularly for a number of newspapers, magazines and in-house periodicals.

· Educated at Keele University and University College London (primarily as a mathematician), he worked for the first twenty years of his career at Hoare Govett—starting as a research economist and ending as a member of the main board.

· In 1988, he set up an independent consultancy, serving investment clients around the world.

· A non-executive director of a number of financial companies, Roger is a specialist consultant to a wide variety of fund managers.

· His speaking career began many years ago—as a by-product of his broking activities. Presenting initially to clients, he was invited later to address wider audiences. Before long, he’d joined the “Conference Circuit.” These days, he speaks at about 20-30 events a year.

· His outside interests are eclectic. He’s a keen observer (no longer a player) of cricket and rugby and an enthusiastic listener to (not a player of) Mozart. He reads widely, particularly European history; and he collects dictionaries, particularly early editions.

Interview subjects:

· The interaction of politics and economics; the consequences for official policy, and the implications for securities markets.

Specialist subjects:

· Corporate and personal pensions arrangements: how can society organise an adequate level of income for its retirees?

· Monetary policy and its repercussions for economics activity, political preference, asset valuations and foreign exchanges.

· Cycles—economics, financial and political. Is the world driven by circumstances that are wholly random, or partially recurring? Is the nature of human psychology such that patterns of behaviour tend to be auto-correlated?

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TV Appearances

See Roger on CNBC here. He discusses Greece's problem of being uncompetitive.